Experience of the feeling of unity to modern man often seems to be almost unachievable task. In the time when weekend teams or spiritual camps based on Eastern philosophies are created, we often do not even think that the Catholic Church liturgy once served the same purpose. Quoting the preface to Ritualia Monumenta Hungarica Series Practica: "The liturgy was perhaps the most determined collective experience of the medieval and early modern times in Europe. (...)

These texts, chants and ceremonies rich in phenomena, however, generally speaking, are hardly available for modern man, partly because it is unpublished, and partly because, on the basis of published sources, its onetime actual practice was not established."

The divine office is the daily prayer of God veneration in western and eastern Christian churches, by far the richest collection of song texts and medieval liturgical practice, but beyond that it is by an established order an organized psalm prayer. Psalter or Book of Psalms is, at the level of the week, a formed collection of repetitive chants and texts. According to Miklós István Földváry "the way to understand the organization, spirituality and character of divine office leads through the psalter."

If you decide to stay in the Kultúrpanzió maybe you would like to try the office gathering power and participate in the mystery of joint singing. Participants are offered the opportunity for the invocation of the daily Psalter of Esztergom denomination, but also other Liturgical orders (Liturgia Horarum, Benedictine antiphonary of Münsterschwarzach, etc.). You can joy us to sing the morning and evening prayer in the Hungarian, Latin or German language by choice. We provide sheet music and text.