Cultural hikes

Cultural hikes

The Kultúrpanzió considers its mission to provide insight into the cultural heritage and environment of Senta for guests in case of their interest. We primarily organize hikes related to the native history and environment of Senta led by historians and museologists.

Here are some of the suggestions which guests can choose if they decide to spend an active holiday with us:

Ágnes Nagy Abonyi, a museologist,  presents the ethnographic segment of the museum of our town;

Historian-museologist, Attila Pejin, will introduce you to the Jewish memorial sites in Senta;

Ornithologist and nature photographer József Gergely will take us to bird-watching at dawn;

Zoltán Borbély, an organist, will introduce you in the world of the organ sounds, stops and more details of organ construction in the church of the Heart of Jesus;

With Réka Miklós, a church musician, you can sing morning and evening prayer at the Kultúrpanzió.